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#LGA 1155

Press-release: Leading the Development of the DIY All-in-One PC Ecosystem

Press-release: Enjoy a Free Upgrade to 4K Ultra HD Resolutions on Intel HD Graphics

Press-release: Brings HDMI and DVI Outputs to Value Segment Motherboard Models

Intel WiDi, Dual HDMI and Dual Gigabit LAN Create the Most Connected Mini-ITX Boards Ever

Press-release: A New Legend is Born

Press-release: Simply key in the password to earn a chance to win MSI’S newest Z77 MPOWER mainboard!

Press-release: Change the Game of Overclocking

Press-release: MSI will also display the AMD series mainboard A85XA-G65, which is the first to import the Hybrid Digital Power architecture, providing users with richer overclocking control options.

Press-release: Plus New IVB 3280MHz Memory Clock World Record on Four DIMMs

Press-release: Providing a new experience in speed and connectivity for desktop users