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#LGA 1155

Press-release: Office and Home IT Management Made Easy

Press-release: The new Intel 7-series Chipset family is now available and shipping in mobile and desktop OEM systems and motherboards worldwide.

Press-release: The Golden Limited Edition Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X: Promising Power, Reliability and Class

Despite the fact that mass production of new processor line-up will begin in 2H 2011, first performance values has already slipped to Internet

Today is the day of the official sales start of new generation processors

To cool new Sandy Bridge processors with LGA-1155 Socket, one can freely use cooling solution that have support for LGA 1156 Socket processors.

Sandy Bridge processor motherboard offerings can already be found in German retail network.

Intel Sandy Bridge microarchitecture overview

Prices and launch dates for Intel Sandy Bridge processor line-up

Prices for Intel Sandy Bridge processors caught in one of online-shops in Sweden