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The fastest graphic card in the world: GTX 590 or HD 6990?

AMD challenges Nvidia on “The fastest graphic card in the world” issue

First tests of GeForce GTX 590 versus Radeon HD 6990 resulted a bit unusual outcome. Reviewers note that performance wise AMD’s flagship is faster, however, NVIDIA’s dual-GPU cards is quieter, consumes less power, takes less space inside the case. MSRP for both cards is the same — $699.

Considering performance advantage, AMD published news story after analyzing corresponding review articles on HD 6990 vs. GTX 590 from independent testers. The irony is in press-release naming. Both state to present “The fastest graphic card in the world”. NVIDIA also adds to have the quietest dual-GPU card, but that does not change the picture.

AMD claims that GeForce GTX 590 received the title of “The fastest graphic card in the world” unfairly” and requires proof from NVIDIA. In return, NVIDIA points to internal test results:

GTX 590 compared to HD Radeon 6990 across twelve DX11 games and benchmarks at a 2560×1600 resolution. Drivers used were NVIDIA 267.71 and Catalyst 11.4 Preview. Performance gain of GTX 590 over Radeon HD 6990 across all games and benchmarks was eleven percents on average

AMD counteracts to this statement by presenting numerous reviews, published by reputable Internet sources. In fact, it sound like a challenge for NVIDIA and it better find more convincing argumentation for GTX 590 performance figures.

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