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Thermal pads — forced reality

Comparison of Phobya Ultra and Koolance AAC-VID001 thermal pads with thermal compound


Searching for the best

Next time I was assembling the loop, I decided to change the waterblock T-pads totally. So I used 0.5mm thick T-pads which were taken off the MOSFETS of the ASUS motherboard and some EK-Waterblock 1 mm thick pads which I bought later. I cut pads to the size required. I put thermal compound on both sides of the pads at once so as not to dismantle the WCS later again. This time I used Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound. I have 30 Gram Syringe.
All the pads were compound covered. The result was obvious: 41-42°С for the VRM temperature in Idle and 72-75°С when gaming. There was not one artifact found during gaming. It is worth of noting, that the OS was the same and they (artifacts) surely doesn′t depend on the driver version. Temperature reduction was due to WCS modification (the WC radiator was mounted outside the case) as well as to conductivity of new T-pads that were used instead of ones that came with the waterblock. I was satisfied with the result. Not so long ago, one well-known on-line shop had a huge arrival of Phobya products including wide range of T-pads of different size and thickness. First thing to notice — the prices are quite high, then read the T-pad feature description. Phobya T-pads are declared to have 5 W/mk conductivity, whereas other pads sold in this shop either don′t have this parameter mention in their description or, if mentioned, declared to have 0.7-1.5 W/mk conductivity. To my mind, the difference is noticeable. I wanted to check its performance and possibly find the ideal T-pads that can be used to replace the stock ones – on motherboards fullcovers etc. and which are good to have at home. I ordered Koolance ACC-VID001 T-pads because of its attractive price and size: two pads 110х110mm 0.5mm and 1.0mm thick — great choice for only 10USD. I also bought Phobya T-pads. The prices were different. One pad size 100х100mm and 1.0mm thick cost me more than 12€. I could not afford to buy two  pads as I did with the Koolance. Two strip-shaped pads size 120х20 mm and 0.5mm thick cost me 3€ each.

Meat the contestants:

Koolance ACC-VID001 thermal pads.

T-pads of different thickness in a single packet:

Koolance ACC-VID001 packaging

T-pad of 0.5 mm thickness are grey with blue protective film:

Koolance ACC-VID001 0.5mmKoolance ACC-VID001 0.5mm

T-pad of 1 mm thickness:

Koolance ACC-VID001 1mmKoolance ACC-VID001 1mm

Phobya Ultra thermal pads.

20 mm wide T-pads are specially made for motherboard′s power elements which have same width:

Phobya Ultra 120x20x0.5mm

Phobya Ultra 120x20x0.5mmPhobya Ultra 120x20x0.5mm

100x100mm size and 1mm thick piece can be cut to any size required:

Phobya Ultra 100x100x1mm

Phobya Ultra 100x100x1mmPhobya Ultra 100x100x1mm

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