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Thermal pads — forced reality

Comparison of Phobya Ultra and Koolance AAC-VID001 thermal pads with thermal compound



Summing up the results of testing, it is safe to draw certain conclusions. One of the key moments — thermal pads at high heat exchange can not compete even with the worst samples of thermal grease. Thermal resistance of a thin layer of thermal paste is incommensurably lower. But if the amount of generated heat is not large then the difference in the thermal interface between the pastes and pads are not so big.
Our recommendations on the use T-pads:

  • If possible, use 0.5mm thick thermal pads
  • Positive effect in lowering the temperature can be achieved through the use of thermal pads together with liquid thermal pastes

Editor′s Choice

In this testing an Editor′s Choice award goes to Phobya thermal pads of 0.5mm thickness for the best thermal conductivity.

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