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Thermochill PA 140.3 review

The review is over triple radiator of 140mm form-factor dedicated for WC systems

Sidewinder Computer


For the last few years variety of 140mm fans has considerably expanded followed by the amount of radiator offering for Water Cooling (WC) systems, dedicated for those fans. Almost every WC component manufacturer has radiators of such form-factor in his product list. This also includes legendary Thermochill company that has triple section model, PA140.3 — 420, in its product portfolio for quite a long time now. This is the same one we will be reviewing today, thanks to one of the largest WC component and modding stores in USA — Sidewinder Computers — that was kind to supply us with the rad.

ThermoChill PA140.3 — 420

ThermoChill PA140.3 — 420

PA 140.3-420 tubes have dual row arrangement, heat carrier cooling is organized via dual-pass scheme. Radiator overall dimensions are 480x142x60mm, Input/output ports have G3/8 threads. Water tanks and tubes are made of brass; fins, responsible for heat exchange, are copper. The radiator weights 2.1kg.

Thermochill PA-series radiators was considered to be the best-in-class for long time, but starting from Autumn 2010, the company released TA series rads to replace products of PA line-up. However, good old PAs are still present in company’s catalog.

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