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Thermochill PA 140.3 review

The review is over triple radiator of 140mm form-factor dedicated for WC systems

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Thermochill PA 140.3: Details

ThermoChill PA140.3 — 420

The rad is packed into a plain white cardboard box with no distinctive marks on it. The package includes :

  • 1x Thermochill PA 140.3
  • 12x Self-tapped screws UNC 6-32, 32mm
  • 12x Self-tapped screws UNC 6-32, 6mm
  • 1x Installation guide

Thermochill PA 140.3 has black mate finish with a slight extraneous tint:

ThermoChill PA140.3 — 420

ThermoChill PA140.3 — 420

With side panels and water tanks taken off the active heat exchange area accounts to 430x131mm (0.0563mm2). This area numbers 13 flat tubes:

ThermoChill PA140.3 — 420 tubes and fin density

Fin density of 10FPI has establish a reputation of universal solution resulting in balanced radiator performance with both low-speed and high-speed fans.

There are mounting holes for 140mm fans on both side of the rad allowing to install three fans one each side. Mourning holes are dedicated for self-tapped screws which does not always suite users. An alternative way is to use M4 tapper — using it you can easily tap the holes for corresponding screws.

Fan mounting holes

Distance between two neighboring fan screw holes is 20mm instead of usual 15mm.

Gaps between fans

Gap between fans

As a result, you get about 5mm gap between installed fans.

The oddity for PA series radiators does not end here. Input/Output thread is G3/8, while the most widespread thread used for WC components is G1/4. Therefore, better think in advance about purchasing G3/8 threaded barbs/fittings or use G3/8 to G1/4 adapters. We took the second way and bought couple of adapters:

Input/output ports

Overall, radiator quality of manufacturing is high, unless you take slightly bent input/output ports into account.

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