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Thermochill PA 140.3 review

The review is over triple radiator of 140mm form-factor dedicated for WC systems

Sidewinder Computer



  • Quality of manufacturing


  • Use of self tapped screws for fan mounting
  • Distance between neighboring fan mounting holes is 20mm and as a consequence — 5mm gap between fan cases.
  • G3/8 threaded inputs/outputs

Fan mounting holes are located not straight against radiator tubes which almost excludes the possibility to puncture rad accidentally with extra long screws. However, this may be the peculiarity of one particular sample. To reduce air pressure losses, it is recommended to use shrouds or corresponding neoprene gaskets between radiator and fans. Use of G3/8 thread is not a insuperable hindrance, but it would be better to have G1/4 threaded ports.

Most of these problems were solved for TA series rads, therefore, we hope to see an updated version of 140mm form-factor radiator in this line-up too.

Our gratitude goes to:

  • Sidewinder Computers — USA watercolling component and modding store — for providing a sample for test.

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