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Top Enermax MAXREVO power supplies hit the market

Enermax MAXREVO includes three models: 1200, 1350 and 1500W, with first to pass 80 PLUS GOLD certification

Enermax latest flagship PSU line-up, MAXREVO, was first spotted at CeBIT 2011 exhibition. These devises stood out by handling two PCs simultaneously and having six 12V lines in all models.

Enermax MAXREVO power supply
The line-up includes three models: 1200, 1350 and 1500W. Just like many other modern power supplies, major part of MAXREVO models’ power can be dedicated for 12V lane. Power supply schematics is similar to one of Enermax MODU87+ series. The main difference is Rong Chyuan transformer with smaller overall dimensions and better heat exchange. The PSU uses Japanese condensers with operation temperature of up-to 105℃.

Enermax MAXREVO modular design
Two less powerful models of MAXREVO line-up has passed 80 PLUS GOLD certification, which corresponds to 88-94% energy efficiency. Enermax cools MAXREVO PSUs with its own 139-mm low-noise fan, Twister. When turned off, the fan continues to spin about 30-60sec to blow out hot air.

Enermax MAXREVO 1500W
Enermax MAXREVO is 100% modular design power supplies, with four paired 8-pin PCI-e connectors for graphics cards and fourteen cables with SATA connectors. Price wise, MAXREVO 1350W model has been spotted in retail for $300.

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