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Unlocking Radeon HD 6950 2GB — tested

Unlocking Radeon HD 6950 2GB with following tests — for and against

3DMark Vantage

A synthetic test giving the performance picture of your graphic card using DirectX 10 API. As physics test are supported here by NVIDIA PhysX and not available for ATI|AMD graphic cards, the benchmark setting had PPU disabled thus putting card in to equal test conditions.

Graphics benchmarks of Performance profile are run with 1280х1024 resolution suitable for majority of computer systems nowadays.

3DMark Vantage — Performance test results

3DMark Vantage Performance result percentage

For High profile test 1680×1050 screen resolution is set, x8 Anisotropic Filtering and x2 Anti Aliasing, texture are harder to render too.

3DMark Vantage — High test results

3DMark Vantage — High result percentage

The heaviest test with resolution of 1920×1200, x16 Anisotropic Filtering and x4 Anti Aliasing settings resembles Extreme profile.

3DMark Vantage — Extreme test results

3DMark Vantage — Extreme result percentage

Unlocked variant of Radeon HD 6950 2GB shows performance advantage of 13-17%. The difference between cards with same clocks reaches 3% in Performance profile tests, while heavier benchmark settings show that unlocked card is faster that overclocked one by 6%.


# Avatar Chris,

I picked up a Saphhire HD 6950 today. The one with dual fans and dual bios.
I was happy when I switched to the secondary bios and found the shaders unlocked. No flash necessary.

# Avatar Patrick,

doesnt work on my ASUS DCUII version. now it is unbooatble

# Avatar vralle,

What about default BIOS?

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