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VTX3D HD 7950 Aims At Those Who Aren’t Settle For The Ordinary

Press-release: VTX3D added HD7950 to high-end series that crush your enemies with unbelievable performance

A leading brand of graphics card maker VTX3D today releases HD7950 based on the latest AMD Tahiti GPU, brings the most revolutionary architectural design and powerful features to all demanding users. VTX3D HD7950 includes support for advanced DirectX 11.1, PCI-E Gen 3 and AMD Eyefinity 2.0, takes HD gaming experience to the ultimate.

VTX3D HD 7950

All-New Design for No-Compromise Gamers
VTX3D HD7950 is fitted with 3GB of GDDR5 memory, and together with 384-bit memory interface. Clocks at 800MHz core and 1250MHz (5.0Gbps) memory speed, bringing incredible performance and leaving rival behind. VTX3D HD7950 uses an innovative 28nm GCN Architecture which is designed for improving utilization and ensuring the GPU to make optimal use of its resources for maximum performance. VTX3D HD7950 is also designed to be installed in PCI-E Gen 3 that offers double bandwidth than previous generation, also minimizing latency between CPU and GPU.

The Latest and Coolest Technology
The new model of VTX3D features the latest generation DirectX®11.1, offering faster tessellation and DirectCompute. To get most immersive experience, VTX3D HD7950 supports with AMD’s exclusive Eyefinity multi-monitor display technology that can simultaneously output multiple, independent audio streams. AMD PowerTune technology helps to maximize performance under load conditions by dynamically increasing the GPU engine clock to take advantage of unused TDP limit. Also, VTX3D HD7950 brings a comprehensive user experience with AMD APP Acceleration technology by offloading computing from CPU to GPU.

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