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VTX3D HD7970/7950 X Edition Sets New Standard For Extreme

Press-release: VTX3D HD7970/7950 X Edition delivers incredible performance with OC ability and unique cooling design

A leading brand of graphics card maker — VTX3D, today introduces the most well-known X series of VTX3D, HD7970/HD7950 X Edition. The X series is designed to deliver extraordinary performance with factory overclocked setting and unique cooling design.

VTX3D 7950 X EditionVTX3D HD7970 X Edition

VTX3D HD7970/HD7950 X Edition incorporates the latest PCI-E Gen 3 to get the maximum performance from your GPU. Both fitted with 3GB of GDDR5 memory connected via a new high speed 384 bit memory interface. VTX3D HD7970/HD7950 X Edition is clocked at 1050MHz and 880MHz respectively, also together with 1425Mhz and 1250MHz for each memory, fulfilling those who thirst for extreme performance. The HD7970/HD7950 X Edition also features ultra cooling design. With two 92mm ultra big fan and SSU-shape heat pipe design, this efficient cooling solution maximizes the speed of heat dissipation, but minimizes the noisy level, creating most pleasing environment for gaming.

VTX3D HD7970/7950 X Edition

VTX3D HD7970/HD7950 X Edition offer gamers with advanced DirectX® 11, including faster Tessellation and DirectCompute, bringing intense gaming performance and unrivalled image quality with ultra-realistic imagery. With AMD PowerPlay technology support, ensuring maximum GPU efficiency by dynamically scaling clocks speeds and power consumption in response to GPU loads. Enhancements for AMD Eyefinity technology include multi-display stereoscopic 3D support and 16k x 16k group resolution, gamers can get the most intense gaming performance than before.

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