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Zotac combines Intel Z68 chipset and NVIDIA GT 430 in a single Mini ITX board

Details, photos and prices for Zotac Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi and Z68ITX-WiFi motherboards

Zotac is getting ready for Computex 2011 to start next week by revealing two motherboards of Mini ITX form-factor based on Intel Z68 chipset: Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi and Z68ITX-WiFi. The first one stands out by having NVIDIA GT 430 as an integrated GPU.

First prototypes of Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi were shown earlier this year at CES and CeBIT exhibitions. However, now we can speak about a solution fully prepared for mass production.

NVIDIA GT 430 and neighboring chipset is easy to spot on the motherboard by a quite high radiator with a small fan located in the center of it. Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi layout had to be reworked due to GPU integration: PCI Express x16 was replaced by PCI Express x4 expansion slot, while full-scale DDR3 DIMM slots were changed to more compact DDR3 SO-DIMM ones. Integrated GPU also brings two DVI ports to the back panel: one corespondents to NVIDIA GPU NVIDIA, the other one is dedicated for CPU integrated graphics processor. HDMI and DisplayPort output is provided by NVIDIA GT 430.

Zotac Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi
Zotac Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet adapter and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n module, two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports (two more USB 3.0 connectors are presented on the board itself), two SATA3 and two SATA 2 ports, one eSATA, one S/PDIF and standards set of audio outputs/inputs.

Zotac Z68ITX-WiFi
Zotac Z68ITX-WiFi layout is more traditional. The board comes with two full-scale DDR3 DIMM slots and and one PCI-Express x16 expansion slot. Device connectivity includes — two SATA 3 and two SATA2 ports, Gigabit Ethernet adapter and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module, one Mini DisplayPort and two HDMI display outputs. The number and placements of USB ports is the same as of previous board.

Both novelties have been already spotted in Japan. The price for Z68 GT430 ITX-WiFi is around $295, while Z68ITX-WiFi cost approximately $240.

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